North Kingstown High School

 Celebrates 100th Anniversary

Thank you!

On behalf of the anniversary planning committee, I would like to thank the community and our many alumni for supporting North Kingstown High School’s 100th Year Anniversary celebration. Our Community Open House on June 18th and the Sunset Cruise on June 19th were wonderful successes. We were proud to open our school to the community and delighted that so many came to celebrate and to reconnect with old friends and classmates. Our current students clearly enjoyed meeting the “graduates who came before them” as well.

We had an excellent opportunity to honor some of our “most senior alumni”. Alice (Haggarty) Bailey ’28, John Weston Rose ’30, Virginia (Gardiner) Soderlund ‘30, Freelove (Allen) Peterson ’32 and Avis (Briggs) Willis ’33 joined us for the honoring ceremony after sharing some of their school memories for our oral history project. We also recognized the 13 members of the high school’s first graduating class of 1905 and were delighted to have family representatives in the audience. 

We thank the North Kingstown Community Chorus and the Lafayette Band for their wonderful performances, and the North Kingstown Arts Council for sponsoring exhibits and artwork expressly for this celebration. Our thanks to the North Kingstown School Department, the Town Manager’s Office and particularly harbor master Mark Knapp, for insuring that the departure and return of the Bay Queen Cruise went off without a hitch.

 As a privately funded effort, we sincerely appreciate the generosity of numerous businesses and alumni who provided financial and in-kind support for these events. They are: South County Eye Physicians & Surgeons, Baileys Chrysler Plymouth, Alice Bailey ’28, Paul Bailey ’55, Maureen Bailey ’64, Stephanie Bailey ’82, RPT Auto Repair, Paul O. Pierce, Jr. Painting & Carpentry, Inc., Glenn’s Lawn Care, Mike’s Auto Body, Walt Boober ’64, Jim & Joanne Baker ‘43 & ’44, Tim & Pam Baker-Baker’s Pharmacy ’72 & ’74, Michael & Cathy Baker ‘72 & ’72, George & Thelma (Froberg) Remington, Jr. ‘43 & ’44, George Remington, III ’66, The Stitchman Upholstery, Victoria Remington, Chef ’72 Meals To Come Home To, McKay’s Furniture, Edmund J. Brock - American Express Financial Services, The Classes of ‘43, ‘69, ’70, ’89, ’92 & ’99, NK Educational Support Personnel, Walt & Joan (Kettlety) Hudson ‘61 & ’64, Patricia Records Curry ’43, Lorraine E. Padmos ’58, Collier’s Bakery, Robbie Fraser 2007, Haley Fraser 2010, Advantage Payroll, The North East Independent, William Gilbert, the US Army Reserve, and Emma Acres Farm. 

Finally, I offer my personal thanks to a very dedicated and hardworking planning committee. Donald Annaldo, Jim Baker, Mary Jane Blanchette, Mary Brimer, Carol Brock, Tim Cranston, Kay Cutting, Jackie Dawley, Dick Dunne, Rachel Gauvin, Jan Hall-Stinson, Lauren Keough, Dewey Kettelle, Pat Lehnertz, Candy Lodge, Matt Lyons, Dianne McGowan, Helen O’Neil, Diana Osychny, Joe Pelosi, Darlene Pierce, Doreen Pierce, George Remington, Terry Romano, Nancy Sherman, Al Southwick, Barbara Sweeney, Judy Taylor and Carol Whaley all contributed to the success of our celebrations.


Gerald Foley

Principal, North Kingstown High School