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This week the Rhode Island Department of Education (RIDE) announced its new accountability and classification system for Rhode Island public schools. There are six classifications under this new system: Commended, Leading, Typical, Warning, Focus, and Priority. The classifications are based on a composite index score between 1 and 100. School performance is measured in several ways including the percentage of students proficient on the State Assessment in math and English Language Arts, progress each school has made toward its own 2017 target, the school record of closing gaps between performance of all students and various subgroups, number of students scoring proficient with distinction, and for middle and elementary schools, the growth students have shown since the last assessment. High school classifications also include the school’s graduation rate as a factor.

North Kingstown Schools have been classified as follows
Davisville Middle School Typical
Fishing Cove Elementary School Warning
Forest Park Elementary School Typical
Hamilton Elementary School Commended
North Kingstown Senior High School Typical
Stony Lane Elementary School Leading
Suzanne M. Henseler Quidnessett Elementary School Typical
Wickford Middle School Leading

While I am pleased to see that our schools are doing well, comparatively speaking, to districts around the state, and very happy that three of our schools have leading or commended classifications, I want you to know that we will use the data provided to us from RIDE to learn and improve at all of our schools—no matter what the rating. More than ever, our schools have done a great deal in the last few years to move as one group in their expectations and practices around curriculum, instruction, and assessment, and we have much data from RIDE and other sources to show that there has been significant progress in our students’ achievement at all of our schools in recent years.

As one can see from the opening paragraph, there are a number of factors that go into these classifications, and while a school may do well in several areas, it may experience a lower than expected classification due to one or two problem areas (and some of these scores may yet get adjusted we are currently working with RIDE on verification). At our August 14 meeting of the North Kingstown School Committee, Assistant Superintendent Dr. Michele Humbyrd and I will give a detailed presentation about the new accountability ratings and the classifications for North Kingstown schools. Once the school year begins, our principals will communicate with parents about the classifications at each school and the work being done to learn from this data and make the adjustments needed to address any problem areas. In the meantime, if you wish to learn more about these ratings and how they were derived, we have posted information on the district web page, www.nksd.net.

For now, I hope you continue to have a restful and enjoyable summer.

Phil Auger, Ph.D.
Superintendent of North Kingstown Public Schools





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