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Distance Learning Academy/In-Person Instruction Transfer Request

Please complete this form if you wish to transfer from the Distance Learning Academy to in-person instruction or from in-person instruction to the Distance Learning Academy within the first Semester.  Decisions on transfer requests will be made at the end of each quarter.  This form is only for Elementary students.  If you are a Middle/High School family please reach out to the building administrators to request a change.


Approvals will be based on the capacity of the class/school you are requesting to join.  Transportation is not guaranteed if you are wishing to transfer from the Distance Learning Academy to in-person instruction.


As of 12/7/2020 this form has been modified for families of students who must isolate/quarantine for a period of more than 15 consecutive school days.  While placed in the short term distance learning program, the child's transportation and seat in the classroom will be maintained until the day following the end of the quarantine.

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