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Building Transfer Request 2021-2022

Please complete the form below. Required fields marked *
Contact Information
Grade for 2021-2022 School Year*
What grade is your child entering for the upcoming school year?
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Designated School*
Please enter your child's designated school of attendance
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I request that my child be authorized to attend the following school.*
You may select more than one box. If you select more than one school please note priority order in next question.
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I understand that if my request is granted, it will be for one year only. However, if there are increases in enrollments during the year causing a violation of class size contained in the teachers’ contract, my child can be moved back to his/her designated school of attendance.
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Own Transport*
I understand that I will have to provide the transportation for my child to and from the requested school of assignment and realize that this also applies to days of early school closing.
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Important date and information

 Applications for transfers must be received by the last day in July, 2021. Once requests are approved, I understand that I cannot rescind my request and my child will attend the requested school.

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