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North Kingstown School Department


Mold Remediation Update 8/29/2018

Good afternoon.  I would like to update you regarding my communication of 8/14/18 regarding the need for a mold remediation project at SMH Quidnessett Elementary.


I am happy to report that work will be completed in the next couple of days, including the finalization of air quality testing.  The project was broken up into 3 sections comprising the original building as section 1 and the area that high mold count was found a couple of weeks ago, section 2 and section 3.  Out of an abundance of caution, section 2 and 3 were cleaned just as thoroughly as section 1.  We were notified this weekend that section 1 and 2 cleaning was completed AND air quality testing came back with a clean bill of health.  The lab report for these two sections is attached.  We will have a full report from Vortex later this week.


The final section, section 3, cleaning will be completed tomorrow and SingleSource will be out of the building.  Air quality testing will be taken tomorrow afternoon with results expected on Wednesday.  We do not anticipate any issues with the testing in this section as the original report showed no air quality issues at the time the original problem was discovered.  However, we will wait to see the results from Vortex on Wednesday afternoon before access to the building is allowed.  


With all of this good news and the anticipated complete clearing of the building for occupancy, we expect that school at QES will start on time on Tuesday, September 4.  All final reports will be posted to the District and QES websites.  The Quidnessett remediation project is on the North Kingstown School Committee meeting agenda tomorrow evening, and details of the project will be discussed then.  Should you have any questions concerning the results or the work that was performed, please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you for your support of the NKSD as we worked through this unfortunate facility issue.  We thank our staff and the hard work of Vortex and SingleSource for guiding the District through this remediation project and thank our parents for their patience and understanding as we close out the project and ensure a safe environment for our students and employees.


The district has also tested for air quality at all of our schools, and we have found no other issues. The results of those tests are also attached.


Phil Auger

NKSD Superintendent


Vortex Post Remediation Report - QES - Redacted for Security Purposes 8/29/2018

SanAir Laboratory Results - Sections 1 and 2 - 8/24/2018

Vortex Visible Mold, Temperature and Humidity Testing