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ESP of the Year

The 2018 ESP of the Year
We are proud to announce the 2018 ESP of the Year Award recipient:

Carole Taylor
North Kingstown High School

Carole Taylor has worked for the North Kingstown School Department for twenty years. In her role in the front office of the high school, she is often the first person a visitor, staff member, or student encounters.

She can be observed multi-tasking during a typical day at the high school. The door buzzer is going off, a parent is dropping off a forgotten lunch, the phone is ringing, an announcement needs to be made, and more than one person is lined up with a question. And often she already knows what that question will be!

As one teacher said, she has to vacillate between information specialist, concierge, and short-term counselor…and when one considers the pace, multifactedness, and high profile nature of the position, her performance stands out.