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Our mission is to provide the safest and most efficient means of transportation for the schoolchildren of North Kingstown

SY 2018-19 Routes

As we enter the second week of school the routes, for the most part, have settled in.  We still have one or two HS runs that need more tweaking as well as one middle school run.  We are also looking at one or two elementary runs.  The timing issue with the lights at Rt 4 and West Allenton and Oak Hill Roads has been challenging but should resolve itself soon.  We are actively seeking some sort of long term resolution.




For many children this will be the first time riding a big yellow bus.  Riding the bus should be a fun part of the new school experience.  You will receive a postcard in the mail with your child’s bus information (bus number, bus stop, pick up and drop off times) a few days before school starts.  Bus route information will also be available on the district web-site (  Kindergarten children must be met at the bus stop by either a parent or an individual designated in writing by the parent, or the child will be returned to school. 


For daycare situations the North Kingstown School Department will, upon receipt of written authorization from the parent/guardian, transport to or from any bus stop location within the boundaries of the school your child attends provided there is space available on the bus.  It is a requirement that your child be picked up at the same location or delivered to the same location every day.  If you require different locations on different days, you must obtain permission from your school as it is their responsibility to ensure that the students are put on the correct bus on any given day.  Requests for your child to be picked up or delivered to a location other than your home (bus stop) must be in writing on the form provided on the website and should be sent to the Transportation Office, 120 Fairway Drive, NK 02852 prior to August 17, 2018.   Requests after that date will not be processed until the second week of school.


Please Note:  The North Kingstown School Department reserves the right to withhold bus service to daycare locations deemed to be unsafe or inaccessible.

Route Times

Route times will change as the year progresses.  Students should be at their assigned stops at least ten minutes early.  The times listed on your postcard are our best estimate and can and will change.

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Various links are provided for the convenience of our stakeholders.  Accessing these links is at the sole discretion and risk of the user.  The NKSD neither endorses nor monitors the information provided by the entities listed.

 Contact Transportation
Transportation may be contacted by email at:  We can also be reached at 401.268.6510.