NKESP Professional Development Posting Deadlines

Please note professional development can always be posted ahead of time. Please email your completed pd form to hr@nksd.net.  In addition please be sure to submit all required backup materials with your form

Professional development completed between:

June 1 – October 31

November 1 – January 31

February 1 – April 30

May 1 – May 31

Deadline 4:00pm

Must be submitted by November 15

Must be submitted by February 15

Must be submitted by May 15

Must be submitted by June 5

Outside PD

Submit your outside pd for verification throughout the school year

Be sure to indicate on your pd form “Out of District” in the “type of pd” column

When 15 hours of outside pd have been completed (totals appear at the bottom of the sheet) and everything has been verified, your completed pd form will be submitted for approval of the *stipend.