Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Sub-Committee

North Kingstown School Committee 

Resolution re: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Special Sub-Committee

Approved: March 23, 2021


The purpose of this resolution is to create a special subcommittee of the North Kingstown School Committee to ensure that students have equitable access to educational opportunities that help them achieve their full potential while supporting and harnessing their individuality as well as the history and backgrounds of their families and the entire North Kingstown community.

 The North Kingstown School Department (NKSD) believes that all students and staff deserve a respectful and inclusive environment. The North Kingstown School Committee supports these principles and wishes to examine how race, ethnicity, language, disability, religion, age, gender, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, country of ancestral origin, interrupted education status, military status, or any other category protected by law affect and influence district-wide practices.


 Educational Equity: To ensure just outcomes for each student, raising marginalized voices, and challenging the imbalance of power and privilege.

 Equity: To provide students with the resources and individualized supports they need to thrive academically, socially, emotionally, and physically in alignment with their identity.

 Access: To provide all students and staff with the ability to fully engage in the programs and services available through NKSD without physical, socio-economic, or perceived barriers.

 Inclusivity: NKSD believes that the individual's intersecting identities shapes who they are, their perspectives of the world, and the ways in which they experience the world. To embrace inclusivity, NKSD will explicitly support the individual in remaining true to themselves, while encouraging a deep understanding, appreciation, and celebration of diverse communities, perspectives, experiences, cultures, and contexts.


Be it RESOLVED, that the North Kingstown School Committee hereby creates a DEI Advisory Special Subcommittee of the North Kingstown School Committee as set forth herein.  The North Kingstown School Committee directs that the Superintendent, in collaboration with the DEI Advisory Special Sub-Committee, to develop annual Goals connected to the District Strategic Plan and the current goals of the NK School Committee to serve as the DEI Implementation plan. The strategies and goals shall include, but will not be limited to: 

  1. A review, led by the DEI Advisory Special Sub-Committee, to evaluate district-wide programs through an equity lens.

  2. The development and enhancement of professional knowledge, skill sets, and implementation strategies relative to anti-racism, cultural competence, cultural responsiveness, and implicit and explicit bias;

  3. The establishment of systemic equity and inclusivity practices; and

  4. The professional learning, support, and resources needed to develop and implement culturally responsive instruction and curriculum.

The DEI Advisory Special Sub-Committee shall report back to the North Kingstown School Committee with its findings and recommendations.

Committee Membership: 

The DEI Advisory Special Sub-Committee will be Co-Chaired by a member of the North Kingstown School Committee and a member of the NKSD Central Office Administration. It will also include a total of ten NKSD community members to include administrators, teachers, support staff, parents, and students and will seek to include diverse perspectives. All members are to be proposed by the Superintendent and approved by the North Kingstown School Committee.