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About the Program

The North Kingstown ELL program is an instructional program in which student learning is a shared responsibility between the ELL teachers and content-area teachers. It utilizes a developmental language and literacy approach that is focused on English language proficiency and academic achievement. Students receive service from 1 to 3 class periods per day in their neighborhood schools. They are integrated into all academic classes and activities in the district and are held to the same high standards as all other students. Opportunities are provided for parents and ELL teachers to work closely together regarding their child's education.


  • Home Language Survey is completed at registration

  • ELL teacher is notified about possible new student

  • Previous school records are reviewed

  • Parent/guardian is interviewed

  • Resources, assessment, and the possible need for ELL services are discussed with parent/guardian

Assessment Procedures

  • English Language Proficiency screening is completed

  • Reading Assessment is given

  • All results and recommendations are shared with parent/guardian

Progress Monitoring

  • English Language Proficiency assessment is given annually

  • Standardized Reading assessment is given annually

  • Results are analyzed to ensure growth and progress in English language proficiency, literacy, and academic achievement

Program Exit Criteria

  • Students are exited from the ELL program after they develop sufficient language skills to be academically independent.

  • Student academic progress is monitored for two years after a student is exited from the program.

  • Students may re-enter the ELL program at any time if needed.

ELL Staff

Program Director

Katherine Sipala


Program Clerk

Joan Beisel


ELL Teachers



Davisville Academy

Lynda Fortin

Davisville Middle School

Patty Mancini

Fishing Cove Elementary School

Lynda Fortin

Forest Park Elementary School

Mary Helldorfer-Cooney 

Hamilton Elementary School

Patricia McAuliffe

North Kingstown High School

Nadya Mathews & Anke Steinweh

Quidnessett Elementary School

Sue Warburton 

Stony Lane Elementary School

Mary Helldorfer-Cooney 

Wickford Middle School

Patricia McAuliffe