Cancellation, Delayed Start, Early Release Information

 In the event that school will be delayed or cancelled due to inclement weather or other circumstances, notification will be posted on local Radio and TV stations websites.  Telephone and email notification by the School Messenger system will also be made to all student households (please ensure that your school clerk has your updated contact information). In the event of an early release, radio and television announcements will be made as early as possible prior to the closing of schools, along with telephone notification. Except in an unusual situation early dismissal starts at the high school and proceeds in the usual order.  Please understand that it is your responsibility to insure that your child(ren)'s school(s) has/have your up-to-date contact information.

  • When school is cancelled in NK there will be no transportation to any location including out-of-district special needs and/or regional schools.


  • When the start of school is delayed, out-of-district transportation will also be delayed.

Special Needs/Private/Vocational Out-Of-District Schools

  • If either North Kingstown or the destination district has a delay, transportation will be delayed. 

  • If either North Kingstown or the destination district cancels school, transportation will be cancelled.


  • If North Kingstown has a weather and/or safety of travel related early release, buses may be sent early to pick up students regardless of the status of the other district.

  • If the destination district/school has an early release and North Kingstown does not, buses will be sent as soon as practicable consistent with in-district service schedules.

Please note:  Most private and special needs schools follow the district they are located in as far as delays, cancellations, and early releases.  If your child's school does not, you must check the status of the district it is located in.  In other words, if your child attends a private school in Exeter and Exeter/W. Greenwich cancels, there will be no transportation for your child regardless if your school is open or not.