1)  What should I do if my child needs to get off the bus at a different stop other than the one he or she is assigned?

Requests to ride home on a different bus are contingent on capacity and are only honored for daycare or emergency needs. Transportation for play dates, meetings (BSA/GSA etc) and the like are the responsibility of the parents/guardian.  Students may get off at a stop other than their assigned one provided they have a note from their parent/guardian. This is required at all grade levels.  The note must specify what stop a student is allowed to get off at. If this is a regular occurrence, one note covering the school year or a specific range of dates is fine. A parent/guardian may only write a note for their own child. 


2)  I was held up in traffic and missed my child's bus at dropoff.  Consequently, she was returned to the school even though my neighbor offered to take her until I got home.  How do I make arrangements for my child in the event that I cannot be at the stop on time?

For the obvious safety and security precautions, we will only release a child to a parent/guardian or a responsible third party designated in writing. We recommend that you provide the bus driver with a list of those individuals (including family members such as aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc) who are authorized to receive your child.  We will release your child only to those individuals designated by the parent/guardian.  We do not take anyone's word that they have permission from you unless they are designated in writing nor do we accept notes handed to us by anyone other than the parent/guardian or school administrator.


3)  How do I retrieve an item that my child left on the bus? 

Neither the North Kingstown School Department nor the bus contractor is responsible for any item(s) left on the bus. We will, however, make every effort to locate lost or missing items and return them to their rightful owner. Buses are checked by the driver/monitor after each run. Items that are found are normally kept on the bus and will be returned to the student the next day. In the event that a high value item such as a cell phone, IPOD, etc is left on the bus, it is a good idea to contact Transportation at 268-6510 so that we can contact the driver right away.


4)  Who do I contact to notify the bus driver that my child will not be riding on a certain day?

We greatly appreciate courtesy calls from the parent/guardian to let us know if a child will not need the bus, especially when that child is the only student at the stop. This often saves us from making an un-necessary trip. The best plan is to contact the Transportation Office and we can contact the driver.


5) How can I determine which school my child will attend?

Simply click on the folder labeled "Boundary Directories".  Each directory is broken down by street.  Look in the appropriate directory to determine within which boundary your street is located.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.